Our Philosophy

Our goal is to care for your dental needs in an honest, conservative manner

We offer advice and treatment in all areas of dentistry and aim to help you to maintain an attractive smile and healthy mouth for life.

Our dental professionals are committed to ensuring patients maintain their natural teeth in good  condition. We place strong emphasis on preventative dentistry, believing prevention is better than cure. Patient comfort and quality care takes precedence at this dental clinic.

Our clinic has a strong emphasis on family dentistry and we provide dental treatment for all age groups

Everyone – toddlers, teenagers, adults and the elderly – requires regular dental check-ups and therefore good oral hygiene is emphasised. Clean and healthy teeth and gums never lose their importance. For example recent research seems to indicate a relationship between gum disease and progressive heart disease.

We are strong believers in conservative dental treatments, meaning that where possible less invasive dental work is done

This is very important for the long term future of each tooth and also our patient’s anxiety levels are decreased knowing we are conserving teeth as much as humanly possible. Our entire team of dental professionals are dedicated to remaining abreast of new developments and techniques in dentistry, and regularly attend courses and conferences on many different aspects of dental health and treatment.

Patient comfort is a main concern and we believe that dentistry should be as pain-free as possible. We do everything possible to deliver your treatment in a relaxed and comfortable way.

We understand that if you are not happy with your smile it can have a severe effect on your confidence and self-esteem

Our team can help improve your smile, achieve perfect, natural looking teeth and increase your self-confidence. Cosmetic treatment can be complex or simple and quick. It is surprising how often the less complicated treatments such as tooth whitening or veneers make the world of difference to our patients!