Bad Breath Can Tell You More Than What You Had For Dinner – Identifying Gum Disease

Bad Breath Can Tell You More Than What You Had For Dinner – Identifying Gum Disease

Do you suffer from bad breath? No matter how many times you brush your teeth, chew mint gum or rinse your mouth out with water?

Bad breath is something that can cause all of us a lot of grief and can impede our self-confidence. Sometimes we can find it difficult to determine the cause of our bad breath even if we pay the strictest attention to what we eat and drink. Especially if you are at a job where you have to socialise with your co-workers, bad breath can cause even the loveliest person to become alienated. Dr Geoff Ross in Melbourne has treated many patients with bad breath because most of the time, bad breath is a dental/oral related issue.

What happens if you have bad breath?

Bad breath is caused by food particles or infections in the mouth. When this happens, the moist conditions inside the mouth allow bacteria to thrive and because of the humidity, the bacteria turns foul and exhibit a scent. This scent is what we identify as bad breath. Infections like gum disease and tooth decay are some of the leading reasons for bad breathe and when the mouth is not cleaned for extensive periods of time this scent can become a permanent fixture in our mouths.

Gum disease and tooth decay love to cause bad breath…

If food is left in the mouth (be it food debris or microbial particles) than it is going to cause the teeth and gums irritation. This is because the food will mix in with the saliva which we know as plaque. Plaque is an erosive substance that eats away at soft tissue and tooth enamel causing them to become irritated. If bad breathe is chronic than that is usually an indication that there is a developing stage of gum disease or tooth decay present in the mouth which will cause the bacterial odour to become present. It is important to identify the difference between bad breathe caused by oral health problems and normal bad breathe occurrences due to eating meat, natural products or sugary snacks.

Dr Geoffrey Ross can help identify your cause for bad breath and offer treatments to alleviate the smell…

We find that many people come to us have bad breath and they do not realise that is it caused by whatever dental concern they are experiencing, be it a light form of gum disease such as gingivitis or early tooth decay or tartar build-up. Bad breath is something that we are not meant to experience on a daily basis if we maintain a proper oral hygiene routine and watch the food we eat but still find that you are constantly smelling your bad breath (or if someone else does) then it’s time to consider that there may be other factors at play. Think of bad breath as not a terrible thing to have, in fact it is a blessing because it is a way for your body to tell you that something is wrong, that you need urgent attention, that there is something wrong with your oral health. If you are experiencing bad breath call Dr Geoff Ross for an appointment today and he will give you a comprehensive oral examination and discuss the possible causes for your bad breath. No one deserves to suffer with bad breathe and when brushing and flossing is not making a difference it is time to take action.

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